Let the Games Begin

You do not have to be Scottish to embrace the culture. This coming weekend (Feb 22 & 23) is the Highland Fling at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival. The men in kilts competition is always a hit for the ladies. The highland dancers will be there as the voice of the ancients, retelling stories of the Scots through traditional dance. Champions from throughout the state will compete in the Highland games, which include the caber toss, stone throw, and sheaf toss. These competitions are as emblematic to those of Scottish heritage as bagpipes and kilts. Lets not forget the traditional events such as the jousting and mêlée, this is how the knights showed off their martial skills.

We will be there Sunday, Feb 23rd with free decals to give away to the first five to tap me on the shoulder and read the back of my tee shirt.
It will say: Tús math, leath na hoibre (A good beginning is half the work). We are looking forward to meeting new friends and hope you will be one of them.