Wild Life® Brand

About a year ago, we began the process of legally registering the Wild Life® brand. We wanted to create a series of decals for folks that shared our passion for wild life. The Wild Life® brand features various species of wild life and includes not only mammals, but also insects, amphibians,reptiles, birds and more. We wanted to do more than just create a cool decal. Knowing that people are passionate about specific animals we began researching species specific conservation groups that could benefit from our decal sales. The idea is that a portion of each sale will be donated to an organisation that is making efforts to conserve a specific species. We love conservation efforts, but have never been a fan of our donations going to a generic cause that may or may not benefit the species we want to protect. The Wild Life® brand products provide our customers with a means to select the species they are most passionate about for a targeted donation. Each decal includes an overview of the species making it a great tool for educators, conservation groups, and non profit organisations to provide value to their community of supporters. Our first batch of decals have been printed and feature the Southeasts only native land tortoise, the Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus). Decals are being distributed to select retailers the first of which was Canoe Outpost, Little Manatee River. We are interested in what species our web site visitors would like to support; please contact us and let us know what you think, maybe your idea will be the next decal printed.