9th Annual Celtic Family Jamboree

The Annual Celtic Family Jamboree is on again and we could not be more excited.  With all the shut downs from Covid the past 2 years, it will be really great to be able to see our Celtic family again. I am already thinking about what I will pack and the event is still a couple weeks away. It feels like being a kid and waking up at 3:00am for a 6:00am fishing trip.

My wife and I have attended the Celtic Family Jamboree every year of our marriage with the exception of the Covid shut downs.  It was our first trip together as a married couple in 2014 and has been our tradition ever since. I am conditioning my bodhran for the late night fireside jams after the concerts, one of my favorite activities at this event. The workshops during the day are great for anyone that wants to discover a new Celtic musical instrument. The concerts are top notch with more energy and atmosphere than you will find elsewhere.

In a recent phone conversation with a dear FamJam friend we talked about our favorite aspects of FamJam,  though there are many to consider, both of us agreed that the best part of this event is the “Fam” part of FamJam. Both the regular patrons and the musicians that attend every year are indeed family. After the main events are over, the camp fires beacon others to join in on quiet conversation, or a relaxed fireside jam with other campers. The Celtic Family Jamboree is truly a place to reunite with old friends and and new ones. Bring an instrument of your own, or a hula hoop to dance with, or light sticks if you are a spinner (no fire please).

My sister will be a vendor this year as Chalmette Books and I have created some hand made merchandise that will be available at her booth. I have never tried the vendor experience despite frequent encouragement. This year I have made a small stock of hand made stuff to offer during the festival through Chalmette Books.  We will not have books, but you can check out what we have during the festival on our FAM JAM merchandise page.

I am looking forward to seeing our friends again,  Stay Well.