We now offer digital scanning services

for traditional photography.

Preserve History

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  • Safeguard against disaster
  • Digital copies never fade
  • Easy to share
  • High resolution (6K) scans
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The benefits of digital copies

Safeguard against disaster

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, fires, floods, and earthquakes are devestating enough when they happen. When the damage is done and we try to piece our lives back together, too often, there are missing pieces that can not be replaced, such as family photographs and documents. Having a digital copy of such treasures will safeguard them from irreplaceable loss. We can save your scans to media such as a flash drive, and additionally suggest saving them to a remote secure server. If you do not have a cloud storage account, we can make room on our secure servers for you so you can rest knowing your photos will always be available for generations to come. 

Digital copies never fade

35mm film, slide film, and prints will degrade over time. Colors fade quickest from paper prints and even 35mm and slide film will certainly fade given enough time. Light, heat and moisture all affect the longevity of older technology such as film. Scanning old media to digital files is the ideal way to preserve the photos indefinitely. Digital files do not fade, deteriorate, collect dust, or scratch.  Best of all, once your photo has been scanned, it can be reprinted as often as needed without loss of quality. Scanned prints are great for color correction and repair that would be difficult if not impossible to achieve from a damaged slide or 35mm frame.

Easy to share

The digital age has made sharing photos easier and more relevant than ever. We keep and share digital photos on social media, geneaology records, and our phones. Digital versions of our photography have created tremendous opportunity to make wonderful gifts such as family calendars, and other merchandise. Scrapbooking is a breeze when a digital photo can be resized perfectly to fill the pages just right.

High resolution (6k) scans

Modern cell phones are often equipped with decent cameras and though they produce great selfies and landscapes, it would be difficult to match the precision of a flatbed scanner with a cell phone, or even a sheetfed scanner. We use a 6K flatbed scanner for the quality it produces. There is an old Irish proverb "A good beginning is half the work" and we take pride in making sure that with Genesis Illustration & Design, you have a good beginning with a high quality scan that is suitable for any project.