The natural evolution of creation

Genesis Illustration & Design was not created in a day, (or a week for that matter). It is the evolution of a lifetime passion for science and art that began when I was a young boy. I have always loved nature; to study and understand it, I attempted to illustrate as accurately as possible, the finest details of what I saw in nature. My friends shared this interest and would correct each other on biological inaccuracies. We would collect bugs and plants from hikes and look at them through our microscopes, then illustrate on a larger scale. We all  had a vivid imagination, full of ideas. We drew pictures of inventions, traps, and secret creatures and places that might exist  somewhere. I was particularly inspired  by Leonardo da Vinci, he was a great artist and seemed to love nature as much as we did. My childhood passion for science and the natural world never faded and I continue to indulge as an adult. Through primary and secondary school, I was counted in a group of students that our peers considered the “best” artists; collectively we decorated countless folders, created cartoon series, fake tattoos, and beasts for Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.  I went on to formal art studies in college and expanded my palette with photography, videography, and 3D modeling. This very brief summary describes our beginnings, a slow beginning, but a good one from which Genesis Illustration and Design may grow.

We are a inspired by the natural world to explore, create and participate in it’s (performance). We make a difference in the lives of others. These are the core values that characterize what we do at Genesis Illustration & Design. The word “Genesis” from both Greek and Latin sources describe the concept of creation. The generation or origin of something. We illustrate and design concepts to reveal meaning. We sow fields of possibilities.  If you have ever had a great idea or story, and found yourself stuck in its progression, you know the value of the Celtic proverb: “Tus maith leath na haibre” ( A good beginning is half the work). Genesis Illustration & Design will help you till the soils and nurture the seeds of your good beginning.

Our illustrations can clarify concepts, tell stories, create inspiration, evoke emotion, action or explore new possibilities. Creative design is the marriage of science and art. Leonardo da Vinci was my greatest inspiration in the evolution of my passion for science, art, and nature. More than anything else, da Vinci inspired me to think in the realm of possibilities rather than limitations while still being firmly grounded in the laws of nature and science. Designing solutions for complicated problems or projects has always been exhilarating to me and such projects are met with the same passion and perseverance that characterized  thinkers like da Vinci and the contributions to the world.

We strive do make a difference in the lives of others. Through our illustrations, photography, videography, our story telling, costume design, and role play, our set design, trinkets, and all we have a hand in creating, the most beautiful is the difference we make in the lives of others. We support  history museums, parks, schools, and scouts as education partners.  We support cultural and historic events as media partners and the local agriculture and nature communities as journalistic partners. Want to join us? Contact Us and lets make plans.