The founders of Genesis Illustration & Design are of Celtic heritage. Sean’s family roots are in Brittany and Aprils in Ireland. Both Sean and April are not only proud of their Celtic roots, but love exploring the natural world through camping, hiking and photography.
When they were married, they celebrated their union with a camping trip and their first as an official couple was the Celtic Family Jamboree held at Sertoma Youth Ranch in Inverness Florida. Though not a traditional honeymoon, at this event was both an opportunity to celebrate their common Celtic heritage and begin exploring the natural world together. This was the perfect beginning for their marriage and has been a yearly tradition ever since.

Our company motto, Tus maith leath na hoibre is an Irish proverb that means: A good beginning is half the work.
With a good beginning to their marriage, Sean and April founded Genesis Illustration & Design based on the same Irish proverb. The biblical Book of Genesis is also about a good beginning, the beginning of creation.

Genesis Illustration & Design is a design studio that was founded to be a good beginning by providing creative services and merchandise to organizations that do not have internal creative resources to do so.

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Stay Well,,

Sean & April

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