Tee Shirts, “Tees” will always hold a special place in our American culture. They are our number one article of clothing for everyday casual wear and the only garment that is truly multifunctional. Tees preserve important life events such as graduation, marriage, and family reunions. These humble shirts strengthen relationships as company and team shirts as well as family humor shirts.

We all value a sense of belonging. The classic tee is the way to go for club affiliation, spirit week, volunteer activities, and lifestyle identification. Of all the shirts one could wear, there are none better than a comfy tee for self expression. If you were to take a look at my collection of tee shirts, they would tell a story about who I am, what music I like, animals I admire, my political and religious views, my age, my education, the list is quite long.

Genesis Illustration & Design can create custom tees for you or a group you are affiliated with. Modern digital direct to garment imaging  will help you to keep your pockets full as there are no standard art prep fees or setup charges.  We offer stock shirts that can be shipped within a week or custom shirts that can be produced within a couple weeks. Be sure to keep checking back for our new designs or sign up for membership and be notified of new designs before they are available to the general public.